Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our new chapter

I am officially at 38 weeks of pregnancy today. In another 2 weeks (or earlier) Mr. Moon and I are going to start a new chapter after 4 years of marriage. We are expecting Moon Junior to arrive in the first week of December 2011! :)

How do I feel now? Both ecstatic and nervous of course.. ecstatic because I'll be seeing my baby for the first time very soon...nervous because I have never experienced giving birth before and I hope it 'll be a smooth and safe one. Most importantly, I hope baby will arrive 'safe and healthy'.

The first few months of my pregnancy was not a smooth sailing one though. I had very severe morning sickness..or I would call it 'whole day' sickness, feeling nauseous, lost my appetite for practically every food that was put on the table, vomiting out every single bite of food that I forced myself to swallow, lost weight till the end of the 4th month and even got myself hospitalized due to dehydration!I was put on drips for 2 nights!

And don't get me started on sleepless nights, backaches, dizziness etc..hehehe..

Now when I look back, I am so thankful that my Mom was there to take care of me, to help me get through, feeding me with nutritious soup, home cooked food and all things a Mom would do for her child!

THANK YOU MAMA! I'm going to be a mother myself soon and I aspire to be like my Mom. How can someone be so selfless, and make time to do sooooo much for her child!!???

I wonder what kind of parents, Mr. Moon and I would be.....hmmmm...??? I really have no idea now.. we'll see yeah...haha...

Alright, here are some of MY FAVOURITE PHOTOS that Mr. Moon and I decided to take at 32 weeks to capture my baby bump and physique while I'm pregnant for memories sake. Photos were taken by Yung Yaw, who did a lovely job ! :)
Thank you so much:)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

PURINA One 'Picture of Health' Contest

Mr. Moon and I received an email from PURINA 2 months ago which was all about the Purina One 'Picture of Health' contest.  Lil' Pepper has always been a fan of PURINA pet food. I have been feeding her Purina since she was  9 months old, starting her on PURINA Pro Plan for puppies, then switching her to  Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend and finally  PURINA One Smart Blend ( for convenience sake because this can be bought from off the shelves at the nearest hyperrmarket)

Since we already have a pack of PURINA One at home, we did not want to miss having a chance to win cool amazing cash prizes and goodies. Well, there's nothing to lose right?  I then submitted Pepper's photos that could possibly depict the 6 signs of a healthy dog as required.

This is not Lil' Pepper's first photo contest. She actually won twice before this, both times getting her photo featured in The Star and winning herself some petcare goodies. :)

One fine day last week, we received a call from PURINA, with the news that Lil Pepper had won consolation prize! She was one of the lucky 20 consolation prize winners chosen out of more than 200 submissions!Yay !!!

We were invited to the prize giving ceremony cum hi-tea at Fitou in Desa Park City, where they would also reveal the top three finalist . It was also a session to meet Angel Wong Chui Ling and her pooch Fatty, both the ambassadors of the brand.

Chui Ling sharing about her 'moments' with her pooch Fatty a.k.a Fei Mui on stage. 

I bumped into Eng Hui a.k.a. Val there. Both of us are expecting very very SOON!

After the panel of judges had a final examination on the top three dogs up close and personal, the winners were finally announced.

This cute Jack Russel won third prize.

This Beagle won second prize.
and the Grand Prize of RM 10,000 went to this Border Collie. The owner/master was so esctatic he was lost for words when interviewed. I would too if I were to win this amount of CASH! Look at him kissing his doggie!!!
The dog with the Greatest 6 signs of health!:)

There were other local celebrities and also some bloggers there. Managed to snap a photo with Chui Ling...

and Amber Chia who was there with her son and pooches too.

A proud Mr. Moon posing with his  RM 500 prize and Lil Pepper at Fitou.
Then,Lil Pepper's turn at home!:)

Isn't it great? Lil Pepper won herself  RM 500 + 5 packs of PURINA One kibbles that are enough to feed her for at least 9 months.

We are so proud of you Pepper! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SweetPepperLove is still alive!

This is my first blog entry after I stopped blogging abruptly since I started my new job more than 9 months ago. My new job has been a rollercoaster of new experiences, continuous learning and of course many trials and errors in between.
One of my greatest joys (so far ..) was being able to get a 'free makeover' done by my colleague when I sat in as a 'model' to practise on before a major presentation, which I was also involved in but dealing with different areas. Great opportunity to get my make-up properly done before my own presentation .

Trying on a turqoise eye colour
All set for my presentation

I am trying to get this look done by myself every morning. This is one of my resolutions for year 2011, a more refined and improved version of myself.

I am looking forward to a fabulous and exciting year 2011!Hopefully, one with great surprises too *wink*

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's MY Day!

As 16th of September of 2010 was a public holiday, I decided to ask my friends out for a drink on my birthday! It was such a great feeling going out on a weekday night knowing that I won't need to wake up early in the morning to prepare myself for work.

Since Mr. Moon had been mentioning about Maya Hotel lately, we decided to go there again but with the company of my high school mates. We headed to their Lobby Lounge which is of a classic contemporary spacious design with purple and orange theme. I did not manage to tale a nice photo of the lounge due to the dim lightings.

The menu laid on a cut bark of a tree, which serves as a table

Mr. Moon and I

Mrs. Lau

Trying to snap photos ala 'professional' with space deliberately left on the right.

Rojakgal and Mrs. Lau, I have known them since I was 13 and now, I have reached the big 30! ..oh well, it's just a number right?

Alex and Mr. Rojak. Alex was busy the whole night playing with his iphone. Must be fb-ing with his Teeluk!:)

We had white wine and some other drinks.....

while listening to the duo (a male pianist and female lead) crooning love songs.

It was a quiet and relaxing night as the place was only occupied by us and two couples.

Rojak giving me an America's Next Top Model pose with the theme, 'seduction'.

That was how I celebrated my 30th Birthday!:) I wonder how will it be like 10 years from now? Will I be celebrating with mini me(s) and mini Mr.Moon(s) and old Pepper? Can't imagine!:)

By the way if you have not helped with the survey, please please please do!
Here is the link to the Skincare survey. Thank you!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Skincare survey

Hi Friends!
Hope you can help me to complete the survey by clicking on Skincare Survey. Just wanna know a little bit about your daily skincare regime and preferences as I am currently working on a little project at work.
Thank you.....will blog about my project soon...:)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tamago Class

Attended the long awaited Tamago class with my Mom @ Mrs. T at Sushi King, Leisure mall last weekend. It was a great mom-daughter bonding session and we got to learn and take home the Tamago(s) that we managed to cook up during that 2 hours class!

All these ingredients and cooking utensils prepared for you and you only need to pay RM 10 !So so so worth it. Agree?

To make tamago, we'll need to use the above soya sauce to get the right taste.. not your normal chinese soya sauce or kicap maggi please..

The first step: Mix the sugar, soy sauce and hot water with a whisk until you see no sign of sugar. The mixture can then be left to cool on ice cubes.

12 fresh looking eggs. The chef who demo-ed shared that the lighter the colour of the yolk, the fresher the egg is and vice versa..
The eggs have to be whisked until well mixed before adding in the now already cooled down soy sauce mixture.Then, the egg +soysauce mixture can then be strained with a strainer into a container to get a smooth egg mixture.

Now, heat the rectangular pan. By using the chopstick and paper towel, coat the pan with cooking oil

One ladle/scoop of the egg mixture can then be poured into the pan and spreaded over the surface.
Once cooked, fold the cooked egg twice, once toward the centre and then towards the end. And you'll get the first layer done.
Push it upwards to the top of the pan.
Repeat the above steps thrice (from heating the pan to folding).
Remember to to spread the egg mixture under the rolled omelette by slightly tilting the pan.
For the fourth and fifth layer, just fold the egg once towards the end.
Once done, place the tamago on some kitchen towels to absorb excess oil.

The white stuff on the plate is actually grated radish which is a great to eat with tamago. Rojakgal,you should try this!

You can also place cheese,unagi or cheese&unagi after the first layer . But now, you will have to becareful with the folding.
Place the unagi one inch away from the top. Fold the omelette  towards the centre and then flip and fold towards the end.
Only cook 4 layers and fold only once starting from the third layer.

Ta daaa! Tamago with cheese& unagi.

You can also use crab stick, by unfolding it, and placing it on alternate layers before folding the omelette. You can also place minced spinach , carrots or any other vegetables too!

Yummy Yummy!

Mrs. T was very satisfied and happy with the four Tamago that she made! With so many Tamago blocks(including mine, we had 7), we decided to make sushi and handrolls at night for dinner...

We bought crabsticks, cucumber , tuna...etc

Mr. Moon helped to make these. Gotta give him some credits too. :)

Finally, a candid shot of me and Mrs. T. I was busy attending to some phone calls and she came over to help me with my Tamago.
Mom being Mom, she is always more skillful when it comes to cooking. A little childhood story to share. My mom used to bring me and  Mr. J to attend cooking/baking classes when we were little. She would then get us to try out the dishes cooked by the person who demonstrated in front. Back then, students only watched how the dishes were cooked and there were no hands-on.

I guess that is the reason why Mrs. T was super happy and excited that she could perform on the spot while learning! She was so enthusiastic that she even told me that she would be interested to join the next Chawan Mushi class in October!:)

Now for the recipe, courtesy of Sushi King:

Soy Sauce Mixture(A)

Hot water 270 ml
Sugar 28gram
Kikkoman sushi & sashimi soya sauce 15 ml
A big bowl of ice to cool down the mixture or just pop it into the fridge or just wait till it cools down to room temperature

Egg mixture

Egg 12 nos
Soy Sauce mixture(A)
Enough cooking oil

Happy trying!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pepper is their best friend too!

I was alone upstairs waiting for Mr.Moon to be back from work when Ian and Vanessa came knocking on the door. I opened the door and was surprised when they presented me a 'Dog House'. They hand made a dog house out of old cardboard boxes just for Pepper!

Pepper was afraid of the house because it looked foreign to her.

Bernice and Ann came to join us after they finished their dinner.

Pepper's house was too small to fit her but it sure looked like a decent one with the well shaped 'roof'.

It was so sweet of them to spend time and effort in making this for her.

They even wrote a message for Pepper. Notice the spelling error on the left? So cute!

Pepper checking out the message." Ian, Ann, Vanessa, Bernice, I love you too"-Pepper.