Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our new chapter

I am officially at 38 weeks of pregnancy today. In another 2 weeks (or earlier) Mr. Moon and I are going to start a new chapter after 4 years of marriage. We are expecting Moon Junior to arrive in the first week of December 2011! :)

How do I feel now? Both ecstatic and nervous of course.. ecstatic because I'll be seeing my baby for the first time very soon...nervous because I have never experienced giving birth before and I hope it 'll be a smooth and safe one. Most importantly, I hope baby will arrive 'safe and healthy'.

The first few months of my pregnancy was not a smooth sailing one though. I had very severe morning sickness..or I would call it 'whole day' sickness, feeling nauseous, lost my appetite for practically every food that was put on the table, vomiting out every single bite of food that I forced myself to swallow, lost weight till the end of the 4th month and even got myself hospitalized due to dehydration!I was put on drips for 2 nights!

And don't get me started on sleepless nights, backaches, dizziness etc..hehehe..

Now when I look back, I am so thankful that my Mom was there to take care of me, to help me get through, feeding me with nutritious soup, home cooked food and all things a Mom would do for her child!

THANK YOU MAMA! I'm going to be a mother myself soon and I aspire to be like my Mom. How can someone be so selfless, and make time to do sooooo much for her child!!???

I wonder what kind of parents, Mr. Moon and I would be.....hmmmm...??? I really have no idea now.. we'll see yeah...haha...

Alright, here are some of MY FAVOURITE PHOTOS that Mr. Moon and I decided to take at 32 weeks to capture my baby bump and physique while I'm pregnant for memories sake. Photos were taken by Yung Yaw, who did a lovely job ! :)
Thank you so much:)


liveloveangel said...

Have a smooth delivery! :)

Rojak girl said...

I think you will be a strict but loving parent? Lol..Enjoy your delivery!

SweetPepperLove said...

Rojak & livelove: Thanks..we'll see yeah..what kind of Mom I'll be

yungyaw said...

It's my pleasure to capture your progress of parenthood. Looking forward to meet Moon-Li Junior. Please take care and wait for your good news.